Current Pendant Designs

MIX AND MATCH ANY Designs you want in YOUR ORDER!

(On the CHECKOUT FORM you can indicate WHICH designs you want, alternatively you can Contact Us HERE – If we don’t hear from you we will contact you to find out!)

Scalar Pendant Front and Back

Original Design – Emits 4000-4500 Ions

OM Cho Ku Rei Reiki Pendant

OM Pendant Design – 5000 Ion Emission (Has Reiki Cho ku rei symbol on back)


Angel Pendant

Angel Hieroglyph Pendant – 5000 Ion Emission

Scalar Cross Necklace #1

Heart Cross – 3000 Ion Emission

Scalar Cross Necklace #2

Ancient Scalar Cross – 3000 Ion Emission


Flame Pendant Available Upon Request

Flame Pendant Design – 2500 Ion Emission

Quantum Pendant Size

Quantum Pendant Size

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When YOU ORDER $69 or MORE Receive

(1) FREE BONUS UV LED LIGHT ($24.95 Value)

UV Keychain Light

Helps to prevent infections of the oral, respiratory, sinus & ear cavities by triggering the bodies natural hydrogen peroxide response. In addition to its direct exposure benefits.

Working through a natural process known as photo-
oxidation. The UV Light triggers the first line of
defense in the body against germs.

The UV light triggers the production of hydrogen
peroxide where it is exposed to. So in the case of
the sinuses, ear & throat this means the potential
to reduce germs that would otherwise cause colds!

How to Use?

Aim the light into the nasal or ear cavity for
approximately 5 seconds.
For the mouth and throat aim the light for 7-10

Avoid aiming the light into the eyes, blockingg
the light with your hands to prevent it from going
into your eyes is suggested.

Use up to 4 times per day! 


(10) FREE BONUS Scalar Stickers ($30 Value)

Stickers average 1500 negative ion output each! Put onto your own and friends and families cell phone, laptop and any other electronic device you are in regular physical contact with!

Scalar Sticker - FREE BONUS
FREE BONUS Scalar Sticker for Each Pendant Purchased!



Watch Below for Evidence of Energy Emission!




I love to get your questions and hear your feedback so please feel free to contact me anytime. Really!


Or Call us at 1 (844) SCALAR1 (722-5271)

Scalar Energy Pendant

Also grab our FREE EBOOK which explains about Quantum Pendants HERE!  




ATTENTION: Bonus Germanium Bracelet May not appear exactly as in photos, below are examples of designs we have had.

Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant

(ADD TO CART will send you to Paypal to begin Check Out Process)

MIX AND MATCH ANY Designs you want in YOUR ORDER!

(On the CHECKOUT FORM you can indicate WHICH designs you want – If we don’t hear from you we will contact you to find out!)


Can’t use Paypal? No Problem! We ALSO Accept Western Union, Checks & E-Transfers! Contact us for details!

Want to be a Re-Seller? Share with Friends and Family?

Grab one of our Heavily Discounted BULK Packages!

Scalar Energy Pendant

Made with REAL Icelandic Volcanic Ash!

(Photos of Black sand beaches in Vik, Iceland)

Icelandic Black Sand Beach

Icelandic Volcanic Rock

Quantum Pendant - How to Use it?

Interested in a Pet Pendant?
Visit our Energy Pet Tags Site

Scalar Energy Pendant


READ THIS! – Recent Feedback taken directly from email 

Thank you for informing me. I just wanted to let you know that back in December of 2011 I ordered 5 pendants back when I was working in Alberta, and I really didn’t think much about them when I placed the order. I really didn’t think they could benefit me. It sounded to good to be true. The only reason I ordered 5 instead of just 1, was because you had a sale on, and you were selling the pendants for much less then anyone else. I figured I could give them away if they didn’t work like I expected. I hoped they would work, but I honestly was convinced that it was a scam.

When the pendants arrived within a few days, I put one on, and didn’t notice anything happen. I didn’t feel anything different, but something did happen. I am in pretty good shape to begin with. I spent several years in the army and I was a paratrooper (Airborne). After years of jumping, I developed pain in my feet and shins. It got to the point that if I was sitting for 30 minutes and got up and started to walk, the soles of my feet and my shins would hurt quite badly. Once my muscles warmed up the pain would go away, unless I was walking down stairs. I could go up stairs, but walking down stairs was extremely painful all the time. I could not run down a flight of stairs. After I tried the pendant on I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t feel a boost of energy, or anything like that. What did happen amazed me. I had ordered some Chinese food and about 40 minutes after I was wearing the pendant the doorbell rang. I was on the top floor, and I grabbed my wallet and started to run down the stairs, and by the time I got 3 quarters of the way down I realized that I was running down the stairs, and I felt no pain. I mean absolutely no pain. I was shocked. After I paid for the food, I walked back up the stairs and placed the food on my desk and I wanted to see if I had imagined this. I started to walk down the stairs slowly and nothing. No pain. I started to run up and down the stairs and nothing. No pain what so-ever. It has been 2 years now and I never felt pain since then. I ended up giving the rest of the pendants away to friends and everyone noticed improvements. That is why I am ordering two more pendants now.

The pendant I have now is still good, but the cord, is starting to get frayed which isn’t bad considering I shower, swim, and sleep with the pendant on. I only took it off in the past two months to see, if i would feel different. In two and a half months, the pain in my feet and shins didn’t come back, but my sleep was not as good. While wearing the pendant I sleep better, and can get less sleep and function better then when I get 8 hours without the pendant. This isn’t a placebo effect. These pendants are great. I know you already know that, but I still have a hard time believing that this pendant could and did change my life. I can run and hike pain free. That is why I am a returning customer. Thank you for selling a pendant that works. I will wear one always because they do work. I am wearing the pendant again and I sleep better and I don’t require as much sleep to feel good. I am never fatigued. These pendants work and I wish everyone had one.

Thank you for selling a pendant that works.


Mark Arnold

Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant

How are we DIFFERENT?
  • Quantum Pendants made of Icelandic Volcanic Rock! No Potentially Contaminated Japanese Rock! This is important as MANY other manufacturers still use Japanese Rock!
  • All Pendants tested to work and GUARANTEED to work! Don’t Waste Money on a Dud or an Overpriced Pendant! Pendants Verified as both SAFE AND EFFECTIVE with the #1 Bioresonance Machine in the world (BICOM).
  • Expert knowledge regarding the Pendants and EMF protection in general!
  • We’re honest and transparent about everything!
  • No marketing tricks or hype, just honest straightforward information, tests and proof!
  • Unique, Effective and Valuable Bonuses!
  • We’re NOT a Megastore, MLM or Corporation trying to sell you 1000 different products. We focus on a select few items that we can verify have a beneficial effect!
  • Essentially if we can’t prove it, we won’t sell it!


How Can a Scalar Energy Pendant (aka Quantum Pendant) Help YOU?

Are you a Laptop/Computer/Cell Phone User?Scalar Energy Pendant

  • Enjoy increased protection from harmful EMFs, resulting in improved energy levels following extended use of computers.
  • No more headaches or “hot ears” from cell phones.
  • Reduce eye fatigue and irritation from computer screen radiant glare.
  • Imagine the Peace of Mind you’ll now have whenever you’re using your cell phone or working at your laptop!

Are you an Athlete?

Scalar Energy Pendant

  • Experience Improved Flexibility, Strength, Energy and Circulation.
  • Runners go further!
  • Golfers improve your swing!
  • Acrobats/dancers maximize your flexibility, Body builders lift more weight right away! Regardless of your sport or activity — a scalar energy pendant WILL improve your results!
  • Numerous professional athletes use negative ion products to gain better results… why not you?



Do you have Chronic Fatigue/Low Energy?

Scalar Energy Pendant

  • Improved immune function (live bloodcell microscopy have shown red blood cell clumping is immediately reduced when a quantum pendant is placed next to the blood sample).
  • Experience increased energy and improved resistance to infection when using a Quantum Pendant. Heightened resistance to EMFs will also reduce stress to your body’s cells, tissues and underlying immune system!
  • I wear mine everyday when I get up. If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue the biggest mistake you could make is NOT trying a Scalar Energy Pendant!



Do you have Injuries or Pain in your body? Scalar Energy Pendant

  • Pain reduction for Arthritis, Injuries and Joint Pain. Speed up the healing of injuries, reduce your recovery time. Improve Joint Strength and flexibility, reduce chance for re-injury.
  • Assists in the treatment of chronic pain states such as is found with many auto-immune disorders and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just imagine how often pain creeps up and you WISH you had an effective way to treat it immediately!


Scalar Energy Pendant

The Scalar Energy Pendant EMITS

~Negative Ions~

Negative Ions are the tangible, measurable form of Scalar Energy!

 JUST IMAGINE– A Constant Flow of Negative Ions into your Body 24/7, 365 Days Per Year!

Scalar Energy Pendant

More NEGATIVE ION Exposure Means…

  • Better Oxygenation of the Body (Better Energy)
  • Improved Mood (Feel Happier – Better Able to Cope with Stress)
  • Increased Energy
  • Fountain of Youth Effect (Slowed Aging)
  • Improved Brain Function
  • & MUCH MORE!
Do YOU protect yourself from EMFs?
The Question isn’t SHOULD you protect yourself from EMFs – The Question is HOW will You?


Scalar Energy Pendant Unless you’re protecting yourself you’re COMPLETELY VULNERABLE TO THEM!!

You can’t avoid them!

The only thing you can do is try to protect yourself from them! A Scalar Energy Pendant will protect you from EMF Radiation and MUCH MORE!

It Does this by replacing displaced positive ions in your body with negative ions! Watch these Videos for NEW PROOF & Evidence These Negative Ion Tests = Unquestionable Evidence!


The Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant VS Other Healing Stones


Scalar Energy Pendant



 (ADD TO CART will send you to Paypal to begin Check Out Process)

MIX AND MATCH ANY Designs you want in YOUR ORDER!

(On the CHECKOUT FORM you can indicate WHICH designs you want – If we don’t hear from you we will contact you to find out!)

Can’t use Paypal? No Problem! We ALSO Accept Western Union! (minimum $97 Order) Contact us for details!


Scalar Energy Pendant



*FREE SHIPPING!!! (Worldwide*)

ATTENTION CANADA: We CANNOT sell to Canadians, sorry! (Due to the pendants classification as a Class 2 Medical Device in Canada)

USA Shipping time is 8-10 Business Days. (please allow 2-3 added days for handling)

International Shipping time is 10-15 business days. (please allow 2-3 added days for handling)

*NOTE: Certain international countries may incur some additional shipping fees (A shipping credit is given equal to the maximum shipping cost covered within North America for an equivalent order). These countries include but are not limited to Spain, Italy, U.A.E, Egypt, Israel, Brunei, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

We CANNOT ship to Turkey, India, Pakistan or most countries within Africa (with exception of South Africa).

If concerned email us first but most other international locations not mentioned often qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

HOW DO WE SHIP? We use Canada Post which is the standard shipping method in Canada



. Your order will go through your standard mailing system. For example, if you order in the USA your order will be handled through USPS once it crosses the border. We guarantee all orders arrive safely and in the rare case if there’s ever an issue we will either re-ship your order or refund you. You can rest assured with any order you make with us.

FASTER SHIPPING OPTION: We can offer custom fast shipping orders, however you must email me first with your address. For the most part we suggest against it due to the added cost to you unless you need them in an urgently (ie. Birthday, Competition, Marathon etc) [/order_box_3]

365 Days Money Back 100% Guarantee!
After you receive your pendant(s) if you aren’t amazed with their effects or for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your pendant, simply pay to ship it back to us in its original box in its original condition (box, pendant and card) and we’ll provide a full 100% refund for your original purchase! Detailed Refund Policy Click Here!

Why 365 days? For some people the effects are immediate, for others though it can take up to a full 30 days of wearing the pendant to gain the full effect from it. I want to give you the time you need to feel the effects and to do the muscle tests yourself to really become a believer.

If that wasn’t enough I will go the extra mile and replace your pendant within 60 days of your purchase if it breaks for any reason (Which has yet to happen to me, but people who have dropped theirs on concrete or hard surfaces have had it chip).


ZERO RISK Purchase – 100% Guarantee!

If for whatever reason your pendants are lost in the mail I will take the hit and ship out replacements to you. If for whatever reason a replacement shipment can’t be made we will refund your order!

We ship out of Canada so our postal system is far more reliable than ordering from China, India etc. Where most other vendors ship from.

We also hand pack and ship your order, meaning your order isn’t going through some massive corporate factory. We double check to ensure your pendant works before it goes out!

We want you to feel safe, comfortable and most importantly HAPPY with your purchase from us!




We GUARANTEE your Scalar Energy Pendant will work for as long as you have it!

We stand by this SO much that if at any point even 15 years down the line you’re suspicious that the pendant isn’t emitting energy send it in to us and we will either

A. Test it for you and provide Video Proof of its emission level if it’s ok or

B. Send you a replacement Quantum Pendant for FREE! (just cover the price of shipping).

That’s right you are GUARANTEED when you buy from us that your Scalar Energy Pendant / Quantum Pendant will last a LIFETIME.

Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant

Scalar Energy Pendant


 (ADD TO CART will send you to Paypal to begin Check Out Process)

MIX AND MATCH ANY Designs you want in YOUR ORDER!

(On the CHECKOUT FORM you can indicate WHICH designs you want – If we don’t hear from you we will contact you to find out!)

Can’t use Paypal? No Problem! We ALSO Accept Western Union! (minimum $97 Order) Contact us for details!


Scalar Energy Pendant


Scalar Energy Pendants are NOT medical devices. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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