Why Order from Us?

Why Order From Scalar Energy Pendants.com?

It’s Simple Really!

  • The BEST Price for Pendants that WORK!
  • FREE Shipping
  • 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • LIFETIME Working Pendant Guarantee
  • Shipped out of Toronto, Canada
  • and Most Importantly



Who Am I?

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My name is Ryan Shea and I am an educated alternative health care practitioner working in the industry for close to 8 years and the Author of the #1 – Best Selling Candida / Alternative Healing Guide – How to Cure Candida. You can read more about me here.

I’ve seen a lot of gadgets and items over the years proposed to improve health. In all my time of trying various devices, crystals and various stones used for healing the scalar energy pendant has had by far the most pronounced and tangible beneficial effect on health. No other single item I’ve come across where you can simply wear it to achieve its benefits has helped my health in the way the Scalar Energy Pendant has. Of course having worked in the alt-health industry for a while now I don’t just buy into anything. I’m actually a natural skeptic and I need something to prove itself to me in order to validate its use.

Put bluntly… “I wouldn’t support something if it didn’t provide some form of benefit to the user.



Which is WHY I provide it and stake my reputation online with it!

The Proof is in the Pudding

It’s VERY Easy for people to make claims or use photos they found online as proof. Here you’ll ONLY see my OWN Personal video tests to Verify as evidence of the energy emitting from my pendants!

In addition some people will use all sorts of Tricks and DIRTY Tactics to get you to buy from them, including SLANDERING other vendors such as myself. Claiming other pendants don’t work, are dangerous or some other non-sense with absolutely ZERO Proof of it!

What I suggest is you consider WHY some of these people are trying SO HARD to put down other peoples products with ZERO PROOF!

You’ll soon realize it’s ALL part of their marketing “Scare Tactics” to force you into a position where you feel no choice but to buy from them. I REFUSE to do this! Instead I attempt to provide my OWN Evidence and let you decide, without slandering anyone out there (and I could VERY easily based on what I know as well!).

Where’s their PROOF! I always ask! I have challenged countless people online who would claim (Without EVER having used any of my pendants) that these kinds of pendants are BOGUS or FAKE! Making a VERY strong accusation. Or others insisting some “BIG BUSINESS” pendant is the only REAL one that works? I say WHERE is the proof of this?

So far I’ve actually given proof using a measurement device while these other MLM companies would rely on ONLY muscle testing as their evidence?

It’s like having someone tell you something doesn’t work with NO evidence to back up their statement and then you’re presented indisputable EVIDENCE that something DOES work… who are you going to believe?

I have years of research, studying not only these pendants but the science behind WHY the natural compounds within them work (in addition to the thousands of hours I’ve put into alternative medicine). I can tell you the ONLY factor that matters is what a person can prove in terms of whether something works or not. I can PROVE MY pendants emit negative ions, they work and there is PROOF that negative ions can benefit the health of the human body!


Not only that but I offer a LIFETIME Working GUARANTEE that your pendants will emit energy for your entire lifetime!



Why Do I Do This?

I don’t just believe my pendants work

I don’t just feel my pendants work







Now I’m giving YOU the opportunity to try them for yourself!

So Read on and see HOW a Scalar Pendant can help you and WHY it works!

You can feel safe ordering from me as I’m offering real effective pendants which I’ve personally tested under several different means. I offer my 365 day money back guarantee. I’m not affiliated with any MLM company. Most importantly I bought this pendant originally for my own use and the entire reason I decided to start selling them is because I’m completely convinced of the many benefits they can provide to people. Personally I find I’m no longer drained from Laptops and Cellphones and my overall energy & strength is up. Not to mention I rarely catch colds now!

I already have thousands of satisfied customers so I can assure you, these pendants won’t disappoint you!

Shipped out of Canada!

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3 Reasons to Buy From Us!

#1 – The BEST Price! We offer the cheapest prices on the web for proven REAL energy pendants! Real, proven and tested Scalar Energy Pendants. Having personally worked in the energy medicine/healing field for several years I have worked with probably over a hundred different alternative healing tools and methods and have various methods for testing the effectiveness of many of these tools. The Scalar Energy Pendants I sell on my site are constantly amazing me with the benefits they can provide to the wearer!

Put simply you don’t have to spend $250-$300 through an MLM company to buy a quality Scalar Energy Pendant!

#2 – Real, Tested and Proven to Work! All Pendants are personally tested by myself (An Alternative Health Practitioner of 8 years). I perform tests using an $1800 negative ion testing device, which proves my pendants emit energy. This is indisputable evidence in my opinion. I also use a testing method known as Muscle Testing or Applied Kineseology to ensure quality of all Pendants we sell. However this is not in my opinion enough for proof, which is why I stake my claim on the reliance of the testing device. Muscle testing however is a very easy way to immediately tell if something benefits the body and to what level. The Scalar Energy Pendants we sell can quite effectively neutralize EMFs and negative energies that would otherwise weaken the body, I encourage you to watch the videos on our site of the different tests!


 Scalar Energy Pendant Ion Test

Our Pendants all give off a range of 5500-6000 negative Ions!

You have NO WORRIES regarding quality, I only deal with Manufacturers who produce REAL, HIGH QUALITY Quantum Energy Pendants! In fact these are the SAME manufacturers who produce the $300 energy pendants sold through MLM companies!

I’ve literally tested hundreds of Scalar Energy Pendants in my time working with them and I have an honest secret to tell you… MOST scalar pendants on the market are real AND work BUT there are some I’ve tested that emit ZERO or close to ZERO energy. 

The strongest pendant of which I’ve found through testing is the tried and true original Scalar Energy Pendant which we sell here. This is the BEST Energy Pendant on the market, Bar NONE!

In my opinion some of the flashiest Scalar Energy Pendants I’ve come across have also been some of the weakest and least effective I’ve found.

The original Scalar Energy Pendant which we sell is my favorite as its all about the energy it gives off and not about the look (Although I still think it looks beautiful!).

#3 – 100% 365 Days Money Back Guarantee! After you receive your pendant(s) if you aren’t amazed with their effects or for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your pendant, simply pay to ship it back to us in its original box and we’ll provide a full 100% refund to you! Why 365 days? For some people the effects are immediate, for others though it can take up to a full 30 days of wearing the pendant to gain the full effect from it. I want to give you the time you need to feel the effects and to do the muscle tests yourself to really become a believer.

Not to mention your pendant is GUARANTEED to work for Life. What I mean by this is that pendants purchased off my website are guaranteed to WORK for life!

If that wasn’t enough I will go the extra mile and replace your pendant within 60 days of your purchase if it breaks for any reason (Which has yet to happen to me, but people who have dropped theirs on concrete or hard surfaces have had it chip). For more information on our Return Policy please CLICK HERE

The Bottom Line: You literally have EVERYTHING to gain and NOTHING to lose by wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant, it has literally helped improve the lives of EVERYONE who I know has tried them. Anyone trying to warn you about only buying through an MLM distributor or that pendants not bought through MLM are fakes although may (or may not) have good intentions they have likely not individually tested the “other” pendants in the ways I have, nor are they as familiar with Muscle Testing as I am. In otherwords they’re simply saying the same thing someone else told them but don’t know for themselves.

I encourage you to find out for yourself! There is no other way for you to ever know until you start wearing one. Again I offer a 100% money back guarantee that I FULLY stand by, although I have never had one return or complaint regarding them, IN FACT most of my customers are completely blown away when they can do the exact same test I show in the video. More importantly their increased energy levels, ability to withstand fatigue and protection from EMFs continues to amaze them as well!


Still have Questions? Contact us by Clicking Here

Some other reasons to order from us;

  • Free Shipping on ALL Orders within North America! (International MAY qualify for FREE SHIPPING, please inquire)
  • We ship out of Toronto, Canada!
  • ZERO RISK Purchase! If for whatever reason your pendants are lost in the mail I take the hit and will immediately ship out replacements to you.
  • 100% Guaranteed to Work and Test EXACTLY as in the videos on my website!

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